Roller Motor (Drum Motor)


The SEA422 is a new generation digital 2-phase stepper motor driver, based on a 32-bit DSP processor, combination of the anti-resonance, low noise, micro-step and low temperature rise technology significantly improve the performance of the stepper motor, has low noise, small vibration, low temperature rise and high-speed torque. The driver use online adaptive PID technology, without manual adjustment can be automatically generated optimal parameters for different motors, and achieve the best performance.

Supply voltage range from 18VDC to 40VDC, suitable for driving various 2-phase hybrid stepping motors which phase current below 2.2A. The microstep can be set from full step to 6400steps/rev and the output current can be set form 0.5A to 2.2A; with automatic idle-current reduction, self-test, overvoltage, under-voltage and overcurrent protection.


  • High-performance, low price.
  • Micro-step.
  • Automatic idle-current reduction.
  • Optical isolating signals I/O.
  • Max response frequency up to 75Kpps.
  • Low temperature rise, smooth motion.
  • Online adaptive PID technology.